18Sep 2017
I was really unsure which moving company to choose as they all seemed pretty similar. But when I called up Moving Firm not only did they quote me a price that was way, way lower than some of the others, the person I spoke to was so friendly and helpful, I knew I wanted to work with them. Of course the actual removal team could have been a whole other story, but luckily they were just as helpful and friendly, and did a splendid job.
Fred Hurst
21Apr 2016
Movers Knightsbridge moved furniture for me when I was having some home repairs. I had a good friend who had space in his garage and I wanted the bulky sofas, table and chairs and Welsh dresser stored until the messy work was done. They had been in my family for ages and I didn't want them ruined by dust. The man and van hire was just the job and soon sorted the task and for a fair cost. Great job!
Carl Mason
02Dec 2015
Knightsbridge Movers were brilliant when moving furniture from my house to my son's new flat. There were 2 large sofas, a wardrobe, a table and 4 chairs and some boxes of personal possessions. I had been advised on van size etc. by the representative I met with which was very useful and the quote I received was very fair. The load was shifted quickly and with no damages, so all in all a great service.
Stacy Christensen
16Feb 2015
If you've managed to get your hands on a KnightsbridgeRemovals business card, then you have yourself a piece of gold in your wallet. When they handled my office removals, they quite literally spared no expense; in fact I don't think they could have done any more for my business. They worked tirelessly both day and night to make sure my business was moved from old office to new with no fuss. I honestly can't thank the team enough and would definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone who was looking for help.
Catherine T.
08May 2014
There are many things that make a good move; planning, safety, strength, organization etcetera. All of these things were well sorted for our recent removal, and all by KnightsbridgeRemovals who did an amazing job in ensuring that we were always well looked after. You will not find a nicer bunch of people, nor will you find a better company to get you moved in a safe and secure way for an excellent price. We were so thrilled with how our move went, I'm sure that anyone else would be as well!
Emanuel Welch
19Feb 2014
Do you know what impressed us most about KnightsbridgeRemovals? It wasn't the actual moving day, which went like clockwork, and it wasn't the price which was extremely competitive. It was the personal touch they seemed to put on everything they did. Nothing ever seemed like too much trouble; we had some specific requests in the lead up and a few questions along the way and the team on the end of the phone we never anything other than hugely accommodating. It just fills you with confidence for the actual move that the build up is so good. Really fantastic service.
18Nov 2013
I am pleased to say that I had a great service form KnightsbridgeRemovals recently, it was an excellent process all round, and nothing was left even slightly scuffed. The team were all very nice and polite, and me and the family felt happy to have them around the house when we were getting the move underway. There is a lot to be said for service with a smile, and even more to be said for service with a low price, and this had both! Very highly recommended.
Ken Lively
05Nov 2013
KnightsbridgeRemovals were amazing when I used them recently, and it was great to spend time with the team getting everything sorted before the actual move, as now I reckon I understand the whole process a lot better than before, which will mean that the next move will be a lot easier. I have only moved house a couple of time before, and this was the first time that I had to organize the whole thing. The team were great at ensuring that I knew exactly what was going on, so that nothing got confused or went wrong.
Stephen Hail
22Oct 2013
I would like to point out that KnightsbridgeRemovals deliver everything that they say that they will. it is difficult to know whether you are getting a good deal when you book a removals company in, as you can't sample the product that they are selling. However, any misgivings I may have had were squashed quickly by their ability to get the job done and done well. The price was great, the service was amazing, and the staff were very pleasant and friendly, a great job all round, so thank you very much!
J. Murphy